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Website built in Webflow
Our design process helps us finalize a beautiful site quickly and efficiently.
Through a rigorous and responsive revision process, we will get your designs ready to be built out in Webflow.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a program that creates custom website code in a much shorter amount of time. It is not Wordpress or Wix, which it is a visual designer not a code designer. Webflow has a clean and good code quality, whereas WordPress code can become cluttered due to the extensive need for plugins.

Not only does it create the website quickly, but you as a client can edit the website easily in a visual way. You don't have to learn code or have our agency constantly update your site.

Here's how our process works.

10-Step Process

Step One


Our initial discovery call serves to accomplish 2 main purposes:

1. Allow you to meet our team and feel comfortable with the way we work.

2. Explain your hopes and preferences for your project. This includes exploring design inspiration, content organization, and the flow of the website.

Step Two


We will talk about your marketing budget and determine what WMVP can offer for your website. An agreement will be drawn up to determine what the project will be about and how long it will take.

Once agreed upon, we will need 50% payment before starting the project.

Step Three


Content is the heart of your website.

You will be responsible to create and organize the content for your website using the content outline provided after our discovery call.

Step Four


We offer professional photography and videography for your business or organization (This is only available if you agree to have us create your website). If you decide to use someone else, you will need to provide the content before creating your site.

Photo and Video
Create the Website
Step Five

Create the Website

This is where you will see the visual aspect of your website. We will take all your content and put it together and check out the user experience flow of the site.

Step Six


We allow up to 3 revisions for our service. Work through the revision process with our development team and leave feedback via markup.io.

Step Seven


Your website looks good now, but it needs to function well. We spend time crafting the site to optimize for high traffic visitors and boost more sales.

Step Eight


Once you are ready to go LIVE, we will walk you through a Webflow onboarding process. This includes how you can update your website and give other people access to make changes in the future.

Step Nine


Now your website will go live. This is where we start tracking how people interact with your site. The other 50% payment is due before going live.

Step Ten


Once your site is live, you get 4 hours of free assistance to ensure a smooth transition. We don't want to leave you without answering your questions.

All Webflow development projects include...
  • 3 Revisions

    Work through the revision process with our dev team and leave feedback via markup.io.
  • Up to 4 CMS Collections

    We include up to 4 CMS collections for free. These can be used for blog, team members, white papers, etc.
  • 4 Hours Free Support

    Once your site is live, get 4 hours of free assistance to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Free SSL Security

    Get free security on your site to build trust and help with search ranking.
  • CMS Dashboard Editor

    Make changes and updates to your site directly from your CMS dashboard.
  • 30-minute Webflow Onboarding

    Once you are ready to go LIVE, we will walk you through a Webflow onboarding process.
 *Important info...
  • Deadlines will be determined based on our availability as well as the scope of the project.
  • Delays in content or communication by client will result in deadlines being moved back.
  • We are not liable for images and/or video added by client that were illegally acquired.

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